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NSW Police Association Central Hunter branch offered 10 new police positions from NSW Police Force senior executive

Maitland’s plea for more policehas been answered with NSW Police senior management offering 10 new positions to the Central Hunter.
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And in a further show of support for the regioneight officers have been earmarked for the Hunter Valley command, which includes Singleton and Muswellbrook.

The offer comes after the NSW Police Association Central Hunterbranch took up industrial action in November as frustrations abouta lackof numbers boiled over.

The branch had called for 20 new positions, butbranch chairman Mitch Dubojski said 10 was a“very good start”.

“This isn’t a win or loss scenario, but it’s a large step forward,” Mr Dubojski said.

“It will help enhance our response times and allow us to provide a better service to the community.”

The branch is expected to formally endorse the offeron Thursday.

Read more: Police battle very thin blue lineNot a single new copNew police structure becomes clearerFrustrations grew after the NSW Police Force senior executivepromised that its long-awaited policere-engineering process would put more boots on the ground in exchange for an overhaul of the existing commandstructure. ButMr Dubojski said at the time no assurances on extra numbers had been given, hence the decision to proceed with industrial action.

Action was called off after a few weeks whenthe Police Commissioner pledgedto assess what additional resources were neededby mid-December.

The Central Hunter will splitinto two new-look districts under the re-engineering process in January. Mr Dubojski said the 10 new positions will move with Maitland into the Port Stephens-Hunter district when the changes come into effect.

Who the new officers will be and when they will start is yet to be decided, but Mr Dubojski said he was glad they had an answer on the numbers.

“The re-engineering process has been tremendously stressful,” he said.

“This isdefinitely going to provide everyone with more of a positive outlook towards what they’re doing. Especially coming up to the festive season, which is always a busy time for us.

“It’s very reassuring that the senior executive has listened to our concerns and balanced out numbers with the needs of the community.

“We want to thank the community for all of its support.”

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ACCC has gas pipeline monopoly in its sights

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The ACCC Gas Inquiry 2017-2020 report found that while action has been taken by energy companies to remedy a predicted domestic gas shortfall across the east coast, prices still remain high.

It also supported the potential of AGL’s LNG regasification plant in Victoria to reduce the state’s gas shortages.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims said that while energy companies have acted to address a forecast domestic gas shortfall of up to 108 petajoules on the east coast, and create a 20 petajoule surplus on the horizon, the market remains challenging.

“It’s still a tight market, price offers for industrial users have come down from $16 per gigajoule to between $8 to $12 per gigajoules, but it should be closer to $6 to $8 per gigajoule,” Mr Sims told Fairfax Media.

“It’s still too high, but it is an improvement.”

Mr Sims said the next major focus for the ACCC is reducing the impact of ‘s pipeline monopoly.

“We want to regulate the pipeline monopoly,” Mr Sims told Fairfax Media.

“We can’t break up it as the situation is what it is, but there are actions we can take.”

The majority of ‘s gas pipelines are owned by three companies, APA Group, Jemena, and n Gas Networks.

Mr Sims said the ACCC will first ensure pipeline owners cannot stop others from accessing gas pipelines.

Secondly, in terms of pricing, Mr Sims said there will now be an arbitration system put in place where issues over access exist.

“This means when contracts expire companies can seek arbitration.”

He said these actions will have a direct impact on gas prices and better results for gas users.

“In two to three years pipeline prices will come down, and we’ll see lower flow-on prices in Victoria and NSW,” Mr Sims said.

The ACCC also backed the potential for AGL’s proposed, $250 million Crib Point floating LNG terminal, in Victoria.

“If viable, an LNG regasification terminal could be an alternative form of transport for bringing additional gas into the southern states,” the report said.

Mr Sims said there were a number of ways Victoria could address its forecast gas shortfall.

“The better way for Victoria is through access to gas in the state, but if it continues to be dependent on Queensland for gas, then a regasification facility makes sense,” he said.

AGL aims to begin construction of the facility in 2019, and sourcing LNG from the global market in 2020/21.

Speaking at the n Financial Review’s National Energy Summit earlier this year, Morgan Stanley analyst Rob Koh said AGL’s planned import facility makes economic sense.

“I think it’s not a bad idea for AGL to be talking about it and to be planning for that,” Mr Koh said.

“Part of that dynamic for AGL is having a reliable supply of gas to the southern markets. As we know, the marginal producer at the moment is in Queensland and the cost of shipping gas from the northern markets to the southern markets is in the order of $2.70.

“So finding another route that is another alternative to that is potentially a good idea.”

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‘Still so many stereotypes’: The top 2017 HSC students revealed

When Bianca Ritter decided she wanted to study traditionally male-dominated subjects for the HSC, including construction and industrial technology specialising in timber, most people questioned her choices.
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“I was interested in the more masculine subjects but there are still so many stereotypes and a lot of stigma around females in those areas and so many people asked ‘why would she do it, especially because I have always been a pretty good student’,” Bianca said.

But the high-achieving Mount Carmel College student proved them wrong and has topped the state in construction.

As the state’s graduating high school class of 2017 nervously await their HSC results to be released at 6am on Thursday, the NSW Education Standards Authority celebrated the students who topped a course at a special ceremony in Sydney on Wednesday.

Bianca was one of 120 students from 85 schools who topped one of 114 HSC subjects, with eight students coming first in more than one.

Seven students topped two courses each, including the same two students who came equal first in Music 2 and Music Extension.

Selective high schools Fort Street and North Sydney Boys had the most number of students who topped a course, with four from Fort Street – including two students who came first in two subjects – and North Sydney Boys had four students who came first in their course, including one who topped two subjects.

Julian van Gerwen, a year 11 student from Fort Street High, came first in mathematics and mathematics extension 1, while his classmate Angela Zha topped German continuers and German extension.

Hebe Larkin, from Pymble Ladies College, was the only student to have placed first in three subjects (Classical Greek continuers, Classical Greek extension and Latin continuers).

The schools were split fairly evenly between 45 government schools (including selective and language schools) and 40 non-government schools, including 17 Catholic schools.

The Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, described the students as the “shining stars of this year’s HSC”.

“The HSC is challenging for every student, so to come first in a course is an outstanding achievement,” Ms Berejiklian said.

These students have risen to their potential through ability, hard work and enthusiasm for their studies.”

Bianca plans to take a year off from her studies next year to travel but then hopes to work in construction project management or interior design.

“I haven’t applied for university yet because after 13 years of school, I am ready for a break,” she said.

Explore the full list below.

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Regulator targets underperforming super funds

The n Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) intends to beef up standards to make super funds accountable for poor performance and justify their expenditure on marketing and advertising.
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APRA deputy chair Helen Rowell said super fund members deserve confidence their fund is “delivering quality, value-for-money outcomes” as she released consultation papers outlining the proposed changes.

The move comes after the regulator wrote to super funds in August demanding meetings with funds failing to deliver “quality” outcomes for members.

In the August letter, APRA targeted funds who were poor performers based on a range of data, including returns, costs to members, insurance costs and the impacts on members of funds experiencing declines in member numbers.

APRA did not name the funds or say how many were in its sights.

The regulator is proposing a toughening of standards so there is an “outcomes” assessment that will apply to all investment options – “choice” investment options and the “MySuper” options, the options with more protections for those who do not choose a fund.

The Turnbull government has prepared a bill that requires funds to audit performance annually and to make the results public, but it applies to MySuper options only.

APRA proposes a regulatory change to ensure trustees have more robust processes in place concerning their expenditure, including on advertising and marketing, and how that supports better outcomes for members.

APRA believes there should be a clear purpose for the spending and trustees must show they have been able to deliver on that purpose.

A blanket advertising campaign that has not delivered a benefit in terms of more members or increased contributions would be unlikely to meet the value for money test.

The proposed standards come despite the royal commission into banking and other financial services entities, which includes super funds. The government wants to start the commission in February and run it for a year.

The royal commission will consider if super funds are using members’ savings for “any purpose that does not meet community standards and expectations, or is otherwise not in the best interests of members”.

Under another of APRA’s proposed changes, funds would be required to make it much easier for members to not only opt out of life insurance, but also to increase their cover.

Sometimes it is hard to members as they have to fill out forms, and the regulator want funds to make it straightforward and simple for them.

Submissions on APRA’s consultation papers are open until 29 March 2018.

The new and revised prudential measures are expected to be released by mid-2018, with a proposed commencement date of 1 January 2019.

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No action against Ipswich developer over Brookwater Resort

The corporate watchdog was tipped off almost a year ago about developer Richard Turner allegedly selling units in a proposed Queensland golf resort scheme he no longer controlled, but determined it would not take any action.
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Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission, the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, and Ipswich City Council also received complaints about possible misrepresentation by the then-mayor and CEO supporting the Brookwater resort scheme from August 2015 onwards, but the investigations cleared them.

Fairfax Media revealed allegations on Tuesday that Mr Turner has continued to market and sell apartments in the scheme even though his landholding company was taken over by receivers in October 2016, raising a further $3 million in deposits from mum-and-dad investors in and overseas.

Documents show money has been raised since the October 2016 receivership of the company through which Mr Turner owned the land earmarked for the first phase of the scheme.

Correspondence obtained by Fairfax Media shows that in November 2016 the corporate regulator ASIC wrote to former Ipswich mayoral candidate Gary Duffy regarding his concerns about the scheme.

“You have raised concerns that Brookwater may have misled the public by continuing to promote its resort development after they had lost possession of the land allocated to the resort,” ASIC official John Searle wrote to Mr Duffy.

“We conducted our own inquiries to obtain additional information … weighed the obligations under law against the evidence available, and have determined that we will not take action.”

A month later Queensland’s corruption watchdog similarly rejected a complaint from Mr Duffy alleging that the then-mayor of Ipswich, Paul Pisasale, and then-council chief executive Jim Lindsay had misled the public by promoting the scheme despite knowing of its financial troubles.

“I understand you allege that Cr Pisasale and Mr Lindsay have purposely engaged in dishonest behaviour to deceive the public regarding the Brookwater Resort by improperly promoting it and its developers Brookwater Resort Investments Pty Ltd, despite knowing there were problems with the company as early as August 2015,” Kylee Rumble, the CCC’s director of integrity services, wrote to Mr Duffy on December 6, 2016.

“We have decided that the information you have provided us … does not enliven the CCC’s jurisdiction because the conduct would not, if proved, constitute any criminal offence or be a disciplinary breach providing reasonable grounds for terminating Mr Lindsay’s services.”

Ipswich City Council said it had received a similar complaint regarding the conduct of Cr Pisasale and Mr Lindsay via the Department of Local Government and had investigated it internally.

A council spokesman said city solicitor Dan Best had conducted the probe because “clearly the chief executive can’t investigate himself”, and had found that “the complaint lacked substance”.

“It found there was no evidence to suggest any misleading or deceptive conduct under the n Consumer Law, investment fraud, misconduct under the Local Government Act 2009, a breach of trust, or corrupt conduct,” the spokesman said.

Correspondence seen by Fairfax Media shows an unrelated complainant with knowledge of the scheme began raising issues about the development directly with Cr Pisasale and Mr Lindsay in August 2015.

The correspondence indicates Cr Pisasale’s first action was to tip off Mr Turner about the complaint. The council declined to investigate, telling the complainant in July 2016 that the allegations of “misconduct, malpractice and illegal actions” were for other authorities to deal with.

Mr Turner’s companies are understood to have sold almost all of the 168 units in the first phase of the resort, with two-bed apartments offered at between $580,000 and $800,000.

A real estate agent instructed by Mr Turner, Deric Ly of Global RE in Liverpool, told Fairfax Media there were hopes to pre-sell a second phase of the resort, involving a further 130 residential units.

The land earmarked for the first phase of the resort has since June this year been owned by Lendings Pty Ltd, a company controlled by the Melbourne-based Hunt family. It has had no dealings with Mr Turner.

Springfield Land Corporation, which owns the rest of the land intended for the resort, said it had terminated all its development option agreements with Mr Turner in October 2016.

But Mr Turner’s lawyer denied this, saying the assertion that the option agreements were terminated “is not consistent with what our client has instructed us is the current arrangement”.

His solicitor, Joe Welch of Gold Coast firm Hickey Lawyers, has said that to the best of his client’s knowledge, sales had been made according to the relevant laws regulating the sale of proposed lots.

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Tasmania could become first state to blow up the pokies

Prime Minister Julia Gillard talks with Independent Mp Andrew Wilkie at the conclusion of question time at Parliament House Canberra on Tuesday 10 May 2011. Photo by Andrew Meares / Fairfax SPECIAL 000000Tasmania would become the first state to remove poker machines from pubs and clubs in a major strike against the gambling industry announced by the state Labor opposition.
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It comes as a report from the left-leaning Institute reveals is home to a stunning 76 per cent of the world’s poker machines in pubs, clubs and non-casino venues.

Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White said she would seize a “once in a generation” opportunity to ban pokies outside casinos if Labor wins next year’s election in that state.

It follows a parliamentary inquiry that showed $110 million was lost to the 2375 electronic gaming machines inside pubs and clubs across Tasmania last financial year.

“That is $110 million that’s not being spent in those communities,” Ms White said.

The move to ban the machines within five years represents a significant blow to the gaming industry, which is largely tolerated by the major parties.

Former Labor prime minister Julia Gillard squibbed on a deal with anti-pokies crusader Andrew Wilkie to introduce mandatory pre-commitment on gaming machines, and also refused calls for a $1 bet limit.

is home to about 200,000 poker machines – more per person than any country except a handful of gambling meccas – and ns lost $12 billion to the machines in 2015-16. Half of those losses were in the pokies-addicted state of NSW, whose government takes in close to $1.5 billion in taxation from poker machines each year.

Western is the only state in which pokies never proliferated, having been limited to Perth’s Burswood Casino since the 1970s. Excepting WA, Tasmania has the lowest per capita pokies losses of any state, according to the n Gambling Statistics database.

Ms White said the machines nonetheless had a “devastating affect on people and their families”, with seven additional people impacted for every person hit by a gambling addiction.

“There is absolutely no doubt this is a health issue,” she said. “This is the right thing to do for the health of our community.”

Under Labor’s plan, pubs would be assisted with a $55 million support package to wean them off the pokies. Casinos would be allowed to retain the machines.

Pokies in Tasmania are operated under the monopoly control of the Federal Group, which Fairfax Media has contacted for comment.

Mr Wilkie, who represents the Tasmanian seat of Denison, said Labor’s policy was “a win for those who have been tirelessly campaigning for meaningful poker machine reform”, and called on Liberal Premier Will Hodgman’s government to follow suit.

Bill Browne, co-author of the Institute report released on Wednesday, said was a “global anomaly” when it came to poker machines – even when taking casinos into account.

” has 0.3 per cent of the world’s population but 6 per cent of its conventional gaming machines and 18 per cent of its poker machines,” he said.

The report drew on data from the World Count of Gaming Machines survey commissioned by the Gaming Technologies Association, which only counts known, legal gaming machines. Not all such machines are counted as poker machines.

In a policy document, Tasmanian Labor indicated it would look to increase the tax on poker machine revenue at casinos to maintain the $4.5 million budgeted for anti-problem gambling causes.

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Bec Acopio will launch her book I Did Not Give Them My Consent at Lifeline Hunter

Newcastle sexual assault victim finds freedom Speaking Out: Bec Acopio has written a book about being a sexual assault survivor. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.
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Maryland’s Bec Acopio. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.

Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison is shadow minister for the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Bec Acopio.

Bec Acopio.

TweetFacebookSexual assault survivor Bec Acopio has urged other victims to never give up hope.

Ms Acopio, of Maryland, will on Friday launch her book, titledI Did Not Give Them My Consent,at Lifeline Hunter at Islington.

The Newcastle Herald first reported Ms Acopio’s story in August, in which she revealed that shewas allegedly sexually assaulted by three men in separate incidents in Lake Macquarie more than 20 years ago.

After the story was published in the Herald, Ms Acopio said “I am free”.

The launch of her book is another step in her journey towards healing.

“It’s abig relief for me,” Ms Acopio said, of her book.

“I’m trying to get others to speak out. They don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed or be silenced anymore.”

She moved to from the Philippines in 1989. She believes her Filipino background and “being an Asian girl” were factors in the sex crimes allegedly perpetrated against her.

Since her story in the Herald, she received positive and negative feedback from Newcastle’s Filipino community.

“Some said ‘good on you for speaking up, it’s courageous’. Other negative people said ‘why did you do that for’.”

She stood by her right to tell her story publicly and live her life her way, having suffered extreme depression, severe anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicidal thoughtsfor more than20 years.

“I do not care what negative or judgemental peoplesay about me,” she said.

Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison revealed in theHeraldin May that she was a sexual assault victim.

Her story prompted Ms Acopio to come forward.

Ms Aitchison, who is shadow minister for the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault, will help launch Ms Acopio’s book.

“It’s good to have an authentic voice, particularly someonefrom a migrant communitywhere there can bebig taboos about speaking out,” Ms Aitchison said.

She said Ms Acopio had an “extraordinary kind of courage”.

“It just goes to show that breaking the silence actually works, not just for you but for the next person. It makes it easier for them to tell their story.”

Lifeline regional managerRob Sams saidMsAcopio’s book is about heartache and pain, but alsohope.

“Reading Bec’s book, I was impressed by the way she sought help. Through the support of many in our local community, including Lifeline, she found hope for a future free of fear and anxiety,” Mr Sams said.

The book will befor sale at the launch andfrom Booktopia and Amazon.

The NSW Rape Crisis line is 1800 424 017 andLifeline is on 13 11 14.

Kids Helpline is on 1800 551 800 and MensLine is on 1300 789 978.

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Baby quokka Cinnamon hops to life at Chinan Reptile Park

Meet Cinnamon the baby quokka BABY: Cinnamon the quokka has taken her first steps at the n Reptile Park. Photo: n Reptile Park
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BABY: Cinnamon the quokka has taken her first steps at the n Reptile Park. Photo: n Reptile Park

BABY: Cinnamon the quokka has taken her first steps at the n Reptile Park. Photo: n Reptile Park

BABY: Cinnamon the quokka has taken her first steps at the n Reptile Park. Photo: n Reptile Park

HAPPY: Quokka Coco, Cinnamon’s mum. Picture: The n Reptile Park

HAPPY: There is a quokka baby on the way. Picture: The n Reptile Park

HAPPY: Quokka baby on the way. Picture: The n Reptile Park

BABY: Cinnamon the quokka has taken her first steps at the n Reptile Park. Photo: n Reptile Park

BABY: Cinnamon the quokka has taken her first steps at the n Reptile Park. Photo: n Reptile Park

TweetFacebook Quokka lifeThe first baby quokka to be born at the n Reptile Park has taken her first hops just in time for the Christmas school holidays.

Keepers at the Central Coast park first met Cinnamon when they checked Coco’s pouch in early August to see a tiny joey clinging onto mum’s teat. It was only this week that she took her first ‘steps’ and Cinnamon has quickly become one of the most popular animals at the sanctuary.

The tiny joey, known for its rounded fluffy ears and big smile, will now play an important role in the conservation breeding program to ensure the protection of quokkas.

The zoo keepers were delighted to find Cinnamon’s parents Coco and Basil getting very comfortable together in March, after just one year at the park.

The status of the species continues to be listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, while n mammals have the worst extinction rate in the world.

“The quokka’s notoriety worldwide is important as quokkas have reduced in great numbers in southwestern due to feral animals like foxes and cats,” the park’s general Manager Tim Faulkner said in a statement.

Thanks to their large and cheeky grins often pictured in selfies, the n mammal has been lovingly dubbed the happiest animal in the world.


Hunter students top state in HSCHunter’s first 40-degree day for the seasonPhase out shark nets and switch to smarter devices:inquiry

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Trainer Alan Scorse and Magicalease prove tough team to beat on comeback trail

TOUGH TEAM: Magicalease and popular Newcastle horseman Alan Scorse on Thursday at the trainer’s Adamstown stable. Magicalease was a $10 chance with TAB Fixed Odds for Saturday. Picture: Marina NeilNewcastle trainer Alan “Groovy” Scorse has a new lease of life on his road backfrom cancer, and a fellowfighter from his stable is proving the perfect tonic.
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Magicalease, a four-year-old gelding, has three consecutive wins after15 months out of racing with a career-threatening tendon injury. He takes his comeback to Randwick on Saturday in a benchmark 84 handicap (1600 metres).

ALAN SCORSEMagicalease beats home Spring Creek Star to record a third consecutive win in Race 6 at #Newcastle. pic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/uW05qG0Opv

— Sky Racing (@SkyRacingAU) December 3, 2017

“We’re very happy with him and, touch wood, his legs are holding up. We just continue on.

“It’s a big step up for him but he needs to be on a big track and he needs a mile, so here we are.

“He drops five kilos at the weights, so that will help him taking on the stronger horses but he’s got the ability to handle that classand that’s where he’ll end up. Whether he’s ready for them straight away, we don’t know.

“We’ve got to take on a stronger grade at some point, so we may as well do it while he’s going well.”

Magicalease is coming off a fighting, photo-finish win over Spring Creek Star at Newcastle on December 3. He beat the same horse narrowly three weeks earlier at the track but carted two extra kilograms the second time around.

“Robert said he’ll never win by a long way, he just does enough to win and that’s it,” Scorse said.

“It was hisbest win so far.He was up in weight and he toughed it out. He wasoff the bita long way outand Robert said he’s looking for the 1600.”

I think it helps him racing at the provincials. He’s probably a city horse class and speed wise but being able to race here

seven starts, four starts, 15 months, like starting over again and he’s still learning about racing

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Three men arrested in police operation at Centennial Park

Three men will face court on Thursday after a dramatic arrest at Centennial Park where two loaded semi-automatic weapons and around $650,000 were seized by police.
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A large police presence descended on the park for the planned operation just before 1pm on Wednesday, with live aerial vision showing police searching a vehicle in the middle of the road.

Police had been following the men throughout the day and chose Centennial Park for the arrest because it was the “earliest opportunity and safest location”.

A 27-year-old Constitution Hill man, a 34-year-old Crows Nest man, and a 39-year-old man from The Ponds were taken to Waverley Police Station on Wednesday. Each of the men were charged with two counts of possessing an unauthorised pistol, possessing ammunition without holding a licence, knowingly dealing with proceeds of crime and participating in a criminal group.

They were refused bail to appear at Waverley Local Court on Thursday.

“We received information about these three gentlemen which caused us to arrest those people today,” Detective Acting Superintendent Damien Beaufils said.

“Again, they were armed with firearms and it was fairly important that we arrest them today.”

Photos posted to social media showed what appeared to be bullet holes in the front windscreen of a white van. But police have confirmed no shots were fired during the arrests.

Detective Superintendent Beaufils said the noise heard by park users came from a tactical device known as a non-lethal projectile, which was used to “subdue the men”.

He said police had no suspicions about where the men were going, rather they received information that they were in possession of firearms, “and so the decision was made to arrest them and seize the firearms”.

Both guns seized in the operation were semi-automatic; a Beretta and a Smith & Wesson.

The arrests, part of Strike Force Mangowa, are connected to “an ongoing investigation by the State Crime Command organised crime squad”.

Police said that the operation was not related to counter-terrorism.

Aerial footage shot by Seven News showed police searching a white four-wheel-drive with its doors flung open parked in the middle of Grand Drive. Officers could be seen photographing objects on the ground.

The footage shows police seizing several items, which were examined on the side of the road.

According to the ABC, witnesses saw police officers wearing balaclavas searching a vehicle, while others reported hearing loud bangs.

The operation occurred about 100 metres from the park’s main cafe.

Centennial Park is bordered by several affluent suburbs and is a popular park for exercising and sporting events. /**/

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