Have $10,000 to burn? Splash out on Star Wars toys

“Star Wars” returns to the big screen this weekend, with fans young and old already lining up in Hollywood for early screenings.

“The Last Jedi” is sure to attract a wide audience, including those same kids who were there in 1977 to see the very first episode. Back then, they might have had to scrape together paper route money for a ticket.

Now older and wealthier, some are still brought to tears by Luke Skywalker’s appearance at the climax of the last instalment, “The Force Awakens.”

What to do with that reverence for a galaxy far, far away? Well, spend, of course.

And when it comes to Star Wars, there’s always been an almost endless selection of goodies to choose from. Now under the auspices of Disney, the latest push for toys is unparalleled, starting this year in September with a “Force Friday” marketing extravaganza to further boost sales.

The first Force Friday in 2015 accounted for about $US1 out of every $US11 spent on a Star Wars toys, according to NPD Group, and sparked a sevenfold increase in online sales for the month of September.

But what if you want something more fancy than a light saber? If you’re a diehard fan with money to burn, here are some items you may not find in the shops. The Star Wars pinball machine

Source: Stern

For the man cave, what can be better than a Star Wars themed pinball machine? Retailing for as much as $US8,999 ($11,308) from Stern Pinball, a limited edition version immerses the player in “the dynamic and challenging Star Wars pinball environment as they battle to restore justice to the galaxy.”

The game features speech from the original trilogy and color-changing LED-lighted inserts, as well as a sculpted LED-lit Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter. A Millennium Falcon coffee table

Source: Regal Robot

What living room of any self-respecting Star Wars fan would be complete without a Millennium Falcon coffee table? The team at Regal Robot has made an official line of Star Wars furniture. Among the highlights is the $US6,499 ($8,117) Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table, featuring the famous craft navigating a dangerous debris field like the one in “The Empire Strikes Back.” The item is hand-painted and made of fibreglass from original hand sculptures. The Han Solo carbonite desk

Mark Gallagher, far right, a builder who managed the town’s rugby team to a championship in 2014, with friends and his father. Source: Regal Robot

Let’s not forget the office. Why leave your workspace bare when the desk you work on every day can feature Han Solo frozen in carbonite? The downside is it’s too late to get it for Christmas, as it takes 12 weeks for the $US9,999 ($12,565) made-to-order item to come your way. The Darth Vader crystal

Source: Swarovski

Add sparkle to your favourite Star Wars character by having her or him or it cast in Swarovski crystals. For $US10,250 ($12,880) you can have one of 300 black crystal Darth Vaders, set by hand with 29,000 crystals. Each one took 120 hours to complete, according to Swarovski. There’s also a crystal set C-3PO droid at a lower price point if money is an issue. Star Wars couture

Source: Rag and Bone

???Imagine you’re fighting for the Rebel Alliance in high end clothing brand Rag & Bone – specifically it’s line of Star Wars themed clothing. That means a lot of white, sand colours, and orange. Desert style. One white-padded jacket retails for $US1295 ($1627).

Source: Rag and Bone

To match, there’s a Rag & Bone “Ellis Force Boot” for $US695 ($873). But, as with most objects of desire in fashion, many have already sold out, so you may have to use the Force on a more susceptible sales associate. A Crystal R2-D2

Source: Kosnar Gem Co.

Etsy, the go-to online marketplace for crafts, offers some compelling Star Wars gifts, such as a this naturally occurring R2-D2 in sapphire crystal from Sri Lanka. The cost for these unusually combined elements? Only $US4400 ($5529). The $US10,000 Death Star fire pit

Source: Milwaukee Blacksmith

For a backyard gathering to roast some marshmallows and discuss the latest plot twists, there’s the six-foot Death Star fire pit. Each is custom made by Milwaukee Blacksmith. The biggest retails at $US10,000 ($12,566) although smaller versions for less ambitious emperors are also available. The $1300 Millennium Falcon Lego set

Source: Lego

With 7541 pieces, nothing will occupy your children better than the Millennium Falcon Lego set.

Described by the creators as the largest, most detailed Lego Falcon model they’ve ever made, it features intricate detailing, including upper and lower quad laser cannons, landing legs and such interchangeable crew members as Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO. Members of the new generation of Star Wars characters are also available, including the lovable droid BB-8.


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