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JUST SUPER: John Freund of Adamstown argues that parts of the city are beginning to re-open after Supercars, marking time to reap the rewards of upgraded infrastructure.IN the last year major council works have been carried out all over Newcastle. Thankfully much of this work was and is being carried around our Newcastle beach area. The Bathers Way is a work in progress, winding up through King Edward Park to join up with the Strzelecki lookout.

Over that time major road works are still being carried out. Meanwhile Watt Street and some roads in Newcastle East have had work done to improve road safety and general appearance.

Also in the last twelve months plans for the most unique sporting event to ever happen in Newcastle were launched. Supercars were coming to town. This town has many motorsport enthusiasts, and we have had to wait a long time for something this great to happen. We saw plans for a track that was world class, and yet unique with the way it challenged drivers and at the same time put Newcastle on the world map. I want to live here, and I am proud to be a Novocastrian of a few decades who has seen both good and bad changes in my time.

So a few trees were removed? Ithappens a lot around here. Some grass was damaged, some by vandals and some by entertainment coming to town. This council has been proactive and will restore our parks and gardens as quickly as possible. I am a patient person and look forward to the roads all opening up, the grass growing back near Wharf Road and all the litter ending up at the tip.Let’s get Newcastle looking great again, welcome tourists and visitors and visit East End businesses toshow we care.

John Freund,Adamstown HeightsSAVE IT FOR RESCUERSA GREATgroup of volunteers, hell bent on keeping an eye on the boating public, had the most convenient of locations at Shepherds Hill (“New dawn for historic Shepherds Hill house”, Herald 11/12).

This location gave these tremendous volunteers an overview of the area they were servicing with up to date visual confirmation of theconditions of the sea. This location could easily be repaired and returned to these volunteers at probably not much cost to Newcastle Council.

The boating public, who avail themselves of this wonderful service, I have no doubt, would gladly gather and repair and rebuild the cottage to then allow these wonderful people the opportunity to return to their former base.

Marine Rescue Newcastle commander Ron Calman is the most dedicated man I have had the pleasure to know.His whole life has been dedicated to the protection of the boating public, and he deserves to be able to take his crew back home.

Come on, Newcastle council; don’t put the mighty dollar in front of these mighty volunteers. Give them a chance to rehabilitate their base.

Dave Watson,DungogBAY NEEDS MORE CAR BAYSSTEVE Barnett’s comments on Nelson Bay’s parking problems (Short Takes 12/12) have merit.

The responsibility belongs to council.

A start is to allow new tenders for the two sites, this time with ample advertising and time for interested parties to do due diligence. Entering the area is typical of country areas you see all over ,tired towns neglectedby council staff for years.

Look to the entry to the Maitland CBD:flags, proper monument demonstrating entry to the city. Salamander’s sign is hidden by overgrowth. What about Nelson Bay’s sign? I’m not sure about Steve’s comment ‘Let council do their job’ -is there a hidden agenda for the cemetery?

Leave the cemetery alone. It is not the entrance to the bay.As some would say, it’s the departure area. Either way, it’s tidier than other areas. Do you want to get rid of the funeral business as well?

Let’s see a bit of class on entry to Salamander and Nelson Bay.Corporate and businesses please have a say and let the do-gooders sit quietly on this one.

De Sharp, Nelson BayWE WON’T HAVE THE POWERTHE redevelopment of the 1680-megawattLiddellpower stationwith renewables and gas power(“Closure an opening for renewable energy”,Herald11/12)deserves further analysis.

Theproposed 1600 megawattsof renewables is a nameplate value only. Actual delivered power would average only about 400mwat bestgoing by present performance ofwind andsolar farms. Some days almost nothing would be generated.

Even so, the amount of land required for thatnameplate farm would far exceed what is available at the Liddell site.The 500mwgas power plant and the 250mwgas plant for Newcastle (where is that located?) were not described further. Both are very small units and probably would be open-cycle plants that are not very cost-efficient generators. Ahugeamount of greenhouse gases would still be emitted.

The 250MW battery, more than twice the size of the token battery in South , would be the world’s biggest. Even so, that would be 250 megawatthours,which could power NSW for twominutes.

Those numbers don’t add up to replacing the coal station’s 1680MW reliable, cheap power.It is all looking, apart from the 500MW gas plant, very hypothetical.

The repeated call for NSW to have 100% renewable electricity by 2030 is farcical nonsense, all but impossible to achieve in the timeframe.

Peter Devey,MerewetherWHY NOT BUILD IT TO LASTI cannot believe the government is hell bent on demolishing Allianz and ANZ stadiums only to replace them with something similar. It truly beggars belief.

I have not been to ANZ for about two years but have been regularly to Allianz for rugby matches. I have found this stadium to be one of the best for watching any football either from the general admission seats or corporate box.

Surely something completed in 1988 is not worn out to the point of a need to demolish and rebuild.Same goes for ANZ, we only held the “best ever Olympics” there just 17 years ago.All government projects just keep blowing out, perhaps this will cost us $3-4 billionby the time of completion.

A lot of country towns would appreciate $1 millionfor sporting facilities but the funds can’t be found.

Thank God we had real politicians, engineers and builders in the past or we may have had need to demolish the Sydney harbour bridge and build a new one.

Jim Weston,Raymond Terrace

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