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LOOKING BACK: A lot of water passed under the bridge in 2017 and the flow ain’t going to slow much heading into the new year.SIMON WALKER: That’s Life archive

Christmas is calling and that can mean only one thing for columnists –time for year in review.

As usual,That’s Life has dealt with the big issues –anxiety, loss, frustration, elation, despair –and I haven’t even begun to shop for Christmas presents yet.

Taking a dartboard approach to the last 12 months of topics, January 2017 saw end-of-year holidays to cyclone-afflicted islands addressed. Nothing like a Force 10 hurricane to bring families together, literally, tethered –in case a tsunami struck. So relaxing.

February saw us hurtling down the roadin a rent-a-car. It could have been anyone going anywhere: the point being how loved ones can say such unloving things when they miss their turnoff on afreewayat speed.

March we dealt with political nutbaggery. Again, it could have been any month and any politician, butPauline Hanson’s advice about relying on Dr Google rather than your local GP really was sick mate when it comes to vaccinating.

April saw the changeover from Daylight Savings accompanied by that perennialconundrum –is it time to dig out the uggies, and should you really cross dress your summer bottoms with a flanno long-sleeve top?

May saw us buying suits for a pressing social engagement. A last-minute crisis that can be boiled down to three key considerations: Is the wedding tomorrow? Is the proposed suit too shiny? And does it fit? All ignorable if your partner ultimately approves (of the suit, I mean).

June wasBowel Cancer Awareness Month, and “Don’t die of embarrassment”was the message when it comes to screening. Just get the job done (ahem). Julywe pondered internet service providers, and a Christmas-in-July moment when our particular providersaid they were going to do something, and it actually happened!! Then we got the letter from the NBN saying that particular service provider would soon be disconnected.

August, I banged on about modern technology and how it doesn’t really improve communication. To back that up I pointed to the simple phone text on the way home from work – “Get coriander” –the world’s hardest-to-access herb after 5pm. Let’s leave it at that.

September was all about man flu –the virus we didn’t have to have last winter but most of us did. October canvassed the “hum”, in my head. Reader feedback suggested i wasn’t alone, or that I was mad. I still haven’t made up my mind. November, I dropped and destroyed my precious work coffee cup. Like I said, big issues.

December we bid farewell to our beloved family cat, the second for the year,rounding out a fairly poor year for family cats.

And so it went. A veritablepot pouri of personable experiences which hopefully generated a few snorts of mirth over the Saturday cereal. Not that the death of our cats was funny, but it’s not always about feline groovy. That’s life.

And so as the year draws to a close Iextend to all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to touching basein January.

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