Paul McCartney’s amazing gesture

Newcastle girls get a golden ticket from Paul McCartney himself | PHOTOS, VIDEO Kristy Wetzel, Jade Green, Frances Dolan and Helen Gregory at the Paul McCartney gig.

Helen Gregory, Frances Dolan, Jade Green and Kristy Wetzel at the Paul McCartney gig.

Paul McCartney at the Sydney gig.

TweetFacebookEcstatic Newcastle girls at the Paul McCartney gig. Frances Dolan, who was handed the tickets, added:“I was walking to the seats screaming. Thiswas not in my wildest dreams a possibility!”.

Another of the foursome, Helen Gregory, said:“When it happened, Jade and I were in tears. It was more than we couldhave ever imagined. We felt incredibly lucky”.

She also said on Facebook: “Thank you Sir Paul and your ticket fairy for picking us out of the thousands! This will always be such a surreal but cherished memory!”

Helen, a Newcastle Herald journalist, is a massive Beatles fan.

She’s visited Liverpool and Abbey Road in London.She even went to the Beatles Cirque duSoleil show in Las Vegas.

“I was doing all those things thinking I’d never getthe chance to see him [Paul McCartney] live,” she said.

Jade said the foursome had paid $120 each for their nosebleed tickets, butthe upgraded tickets were worth $2000 each.

Given that the crowd contained 25,000 people, Jade felt like she’d won the lotto.

“It was a golden ticket,” she said.

Helen said it was “way better than anything Willy Wonka could deliver”.

Turns out it wasSir Paul himself who organised this lovely gesture.

Apparently he reserved 24 ticketsin the front and second rows,dead centre to the stage, for random fans.

During the show, Paul was deliberately making eye contact with thislucky lot.

The four Newcastle girls responded, screaming his name in delight like teens at a Beatles gig in the 1960s.

We always preferred John over Paul. Now we might reconsider.

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