short takes for Thursday December 14 2017

WELL done Joanne McCarthy, Peter Fox and Julia Gillard for your dedication to exposing the evils in our community.

I watched the ABC show last night Undeniableand was choked up at the pain and suffering the victims and their families had endured.

Hopefully all that areaffected can start thehealing process.

Suzanne McColl, ThorntonTOupstage our big brothers in Sydney maybe we could stage a raft of same-sex marriages aboard the Stockton ferry under theshining light of the phallic tower before it too is removed.

John Bradford,BeresfieldWHAT a dumb decision by Newcastle City Council to rezone the heavy rail land.

With the unprecedented population increase in Newcastle over the next few years this land should have been reserved for open space.

In addition it would serve as a utilities corridor to provide for increasing the capacity of sewerage, water supply, gas, electricity and telecommunications to the new developments within the city. Very short sighted.

Steve Weatherstone,Warners BayI SUPPORT Allan Earl’sdenunciation of the Liberal Party of the last 20 years (Letters 13/12) for putting Section 44 in the constitution, and for the Labor Party turninga surplus of $17 billion and net assets of $29 billion into a $19 billion deficit and net debt of $153 billion. Oh, wait –no.

Sean Farnham,Kurri KurriI AGREE with MacMaguire (Letters 11/12) that doesneed a new flag and anthem.

I suggest that we remove the Union Jack and replace it with a rainbow in a square border with the colours red, black and yellow.

Our new national anthem could be “Advance Queer”.

Alan Kendall,NeathI AM not giving a vote of confidence to either political party, but have to pointout the depth of hypocrisy that has enveloped our politicians.

I ask who is shocked by Sam Dastyari’sjudgment failures?

John Howard and Alexander Downerwere unaware of the n Wheat Board doing deals with a country we were at war with andboth men are still suckling on the public teat.

Allan Earl,ThorntonSHARK nets are an archaic method thatreally do not stop sharks based on sightings so far.

It’s just so the people who watchedJaws one too many times or freak out at any little shark incident can imagine they are safe.

Matt Harper, KahibahTHE POLLSShould the Knights let Jack Cogger go?

Yes53%, No 47%Should shark nets be phased out?

Yes 59%, No 41%

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