Short Takes for Wednesday December 13 2017

BARBARA Ferris (Letters 11/12) is right. Business use of global Sydney’s prime intercity rail corridor of enviable direct access to the coast has been squandered for decades. Sodon’t rush burying it. Work on getting swift, frequent services.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkNICE one, Newcastle council – how did theShepherds Hill Cottage get to be in the state of disrepair it’s in (“New dawn for historic Shepherds Hill house”, Herald 11/12)? You take care ofit, don’t you? Now it’s going to cost over a million to restore it.

Wayne Ridley,GatesheadI TOOK my elderly mother to Dixon Park beach so she could let the waves wash on her feet in the shoreline. Mum and I would like to thank all those people who helped get to that point, your kindness, support and love shown to us was overwhelming.We were blessed to meet you, and are richer that you shared your love to us and with us. Thank you again

Steven Wisnie,DudleySHOULD the time come that I lose my dignity and my mind, please treat me as I would treat my animals. No prolonged suffering.

Olwyn Edmonds,EleebanaI CANNOTbelieve the same sex marriage bill got through yet we can’t legalize euthanasia to stop terminally ill people suffering with pain and putting their families through all that heartache. Let us show some compassion and sympathy.

John Keen, GatesheadTHE mention of Garside Gardens (Short Takes, 2/12) brought back memories for me.I grew up inIslington and a few doors from my home there lived the Garside family. There was Mr and Mrs Garside and their children. Mr Garside was in the RAAF inthe war and when he came home he worked for Newcastle council as head gardener. The gardens were named in his honour. Not everyone knew that. I always considered it an honour to know him.

Elaine Richards,Salt AshEVERYONE in the NSW government should hang their heads in shame. The money they are going to waste on a very good football ground could do a lot for our disadvantaged children and homeless kids.This government doesn’t seem to care about children and their welfare, they just want to build things which will stand out to the public so people will remember them.

Barry Spaulding,CardiffIT cannot be said too often that all humans are one species, so that every man is my brother, every woman my sister. Yet many wish to divide us as white, left, or hetero, or Christian. Such pushers of division are a menace (to peace, order and happiness) in my view. There is hope, though. Human decency (via True Ethics) may one day reign.

Les Hutchinson,South MaitlandTHE POLLSDo you get a yearly doctor’s check-up?

Yes (male), 44%, No (male), 44%, Yes (female) 11%, No (female) 1%

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